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FYI : questions… and answers.

What time is it? What's the weather?

Click for McMurdo, Antarctica Forecast

That's current, and you can click on it for a forecast. (And if you don't see a digital clock, try this.)

Where is McMurdo Station?

satellite view of Antarctica

On the satellite view above, it's tucked into that notch at the bottom of the continent, to the right side of the Ross Sea basically where the Ross Ice Shelf meets the water. Imagine that you're looking up at the bottom of the globe. New Zealand is basically off the bottom of the view. Because it's about the closest access to the South Pole, the area was base camp for Antarctic expeditions including Scott's and Shackleton's. Find out more at Wikipedia.

Who was McMurdo?

Archibald McMurdo, after whom McMurdo Sound and later McMurdo Station was named, was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Terror... which along with the HMS Erebus made several expeditions into the Antarctic in 1839-1843. Captain James Clark Ross was the expedition commander; Frances Crozier was commander of the Terror. Being the first white men to arrive, they charted much of the coastline of the continent, and named prominent features after each other and after Queen Victoria. [More info about the voyages of the Erebus and the Terror.]

What languages do they speak there?

Mostly English, though people here hail from around the world. And JARGON! For more of that, check this lexicon of McM 'slang'.

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