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map of the Antarctic continent

Visuals aids to an upside down world.

The first thing to remember about Antarctica is that it seems upside down to us. (Though the penguins have never had a problem with it.) But any map you find is basically of the bottom of the globe, so just like being here, it's a bit disorienting.

McMurdo is actually on Ross Island, and you can find it on this map. (Another 'may take a while to download' image. You should be able to zoom in and make out the names of things—and look all the way at the bottom, way out on Hut Point Peninsula, for McMurdo.)

Home Sweet Home.

We've had trouble exporting maps of McMurdo itself, but here's one. The smaller version on this page is difficult to read, but it'll give you some idea of my new neighborhood.

The biggest block sort of left-center is 'home'—dining, dorm, store, laundry, recreation (Bldg 155 on the bigger map)—and 'Linus' lives on a telephone pole between the side of Bldg 155 without a path and the next building, which is McMurdo General Hospital (142 on the bigger map).

Get your bearings, and if you want a closer look there's a bigger map. (May take some patience to download, and you'll need to scroll to see it all, but you should be able to read the legends on it.)

site map

And here's the trail map I had posted previously… also a bit difficult to make out but a good overview of the area.

trail map